Information Security


Whether you're implementing new technology, thinking information security, considering compliance (PCI-DSS, ISO27001, TL9000 etc), adopting & implementing a framework (e.g. ITIL, TM Forum's eTOM) or simply wanting to upgrade existing infrastructure, INEXEA's team of independent consultants can provide you with appropriate professional advisory services (including end-to-end consulting) on your IT or related projects, thus helping you not only save time & money, but also helping you "get it right the very first time". By so doing, we help you save time, money & other valuable resources. Even more importantly, we assist you in efficiently delivering value as well as efficiently meeting your as well as your client's business objectives.

Irrespective of your technology & related plans, strategy or challenges, INEXEA's independent consultants can also serve as project managers, architects or team leads where necessary.